EC humidity temperature minspeed controller

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This EC fan controller have temperature, humidity and minimum speed setting on three knobs for the exhaust fan. It is easy to use.

The EC fan controller is supplied with a 4m long cable including a 3.5mm 3pole stereo jack (Can-Fan) or RJ45 (Primaklima, Carbonactive) connector to the fan and a 4m long Humidity & Temperature sensor. It comes as a finished product. The output signal is 0-10V or PWM (pulse width modulation) signal which can be set by a jumper.

An extremely low current consumption allows you to run the EC fan controller without power supply, powered directly from the EC fan.

Watch tutorial on YouTube:

Settings range:
Temperature: 20C° to 30C°
Humidity: 30% - 100%
Minimum speed: off, 20% to -100%

Is the power supply required?
With or without power supply? Depending your EC fan you need a supply current >10VDC >10mA and PWM signal you can run the controller without a own power supply. This information you have to get from the Technical data sheet of your EC fan. (Ruck or Can-Fan) EBM-papst motors, Primaklima, Systemair are working with PWM Signal)
If the EC-fan provide 2wire Signal-GND then yes,
Ii the EC-fan provide 3-4wire Signal-GND-VDC >10V/4mA there is no power supply required.

Packing contains:
1x EC fan controller incl. Sensor and fan supply cable
1x Power supply 12VDC 100mA (depending on the model)

Sizes and technical data:
Housing: Height = 90mm, Wide 58mm, height 40mm
Weight: 307g
Voltage: 12VDC
Power: 10mA
Digital sensor    5V Measures temperatures from –55°C to +125°C (–67°F to +257°F)
0.5°C accuracy from –10°C to +85°C
Humidity accuracy +/-3%RH max tolerance @55%RH
Protection class: IP 20

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