Frequency inverter 0-400Hz

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The advantage of Frequency inverters is that the AC fan don't make any noise "hum" in the low rotation and have the better efficiency and smaller design as step transformers. We are offering several Frequency inverters from 2.5A single phase up to three phase 750A. This product is a GSE trade-product and is produced in China.

This frequency inverter works perfect together with GSE products which offers an EC output. How it works? The Frequency inverter get connected between EC fan controller and your AC ventilator. The signal arriving from the EC fan controller 0-10V or PWM changes the frequency of AC current to the motor.

Product Features
Compact size, Easy operation
Consists both current vector and flux vector control algorithm
Long service life with controllable fan
Automatic Voltage Regulate function ensures high torque output at low
voltage input
Rich protections ensure safe and reliable running of motor. Conformal coating
of PCBA keeps inverter running well in hash environment
The isolated air flow and separation design of heat sink make sure the good
heat radiation and thus raise the inverter's environmental adaptability.
Detachable keypad and status indicators easily realize running without keypad
and monitoring of basic running status.
Strong adaptability to mains power supply allows ±20% voltage fluctuation.
Unique self-adaptive technology realizes automatic current limitation and
under-voltage suppression at running.
For 0.75~15kw, it is with standard internal braking unit;
For 18.5~93kw, internal braking unit can be selected

E series frequency inverter is integrated with open-loop vector control algorithm,
extraordinary voltage and current control technology, and supreme load capacity. This guarantees
the inverter’s fast output response, stable running and large torque output at low frequency.

E series is frequency inverter for low power motor. It adopts 32-bit DSP
and features high integration, compact size, complete protection and high
reliability. Both advanced current vector control and flux vector control
technologies are employed to cater wider application demands.
In-built RS485 communication interface for Modbus protocol enables perfect
communication with various industrial controllers.

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Imax 2.2A
Umax 230V 50Hz
VAmax 400W