Water timer 10A day/night light sensor

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The irrigation timer is used to control a pump for irrigating crops. This timer is ideal for scheduled Ebb & Flow systems and normal irrigation droplets or NFT systems. The pulse time and the interval time can be set separately for day and night irrigation. The unit comes complete in a waterproof housing with hinged lids, compatible mains sockets and a built in light sensor with 4m low voltage cable which detects day/night-time; making it the perfect controller for humid rooms.
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Sizes and technical data:
Case: WxHxD = 130x92x105mm
Irrigation timer: WxHxD = 160x130x105mm
Designed for: 2'300W 10A (ind. 3A)
Voltage: 230V / 50Hz
Protection class: IP54

Pmax 10.0A
VAmax 2300W
Umax 230V 50Hz
IP class 54
Accessory Products:
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