EC LCD fan controller (2fan) Stereo-Jack 3.5mm

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This EC fan controller with LCD display, keyboard and power led allows a very easy setting and reading of all the information's given by the fan such as actual set speed, temperature, humidity day/night, negative pressure of the intake fan and rounds per minute of the exhaust fan. A built in light sensor recognize day/night modes. The controller can run several EC intake- and exhaust fans.

The controller comes as a finished part and is ready to use. This reliable fan controller comes complete part with a low voltage sensor making it perfect for humid rooms. The sensor comes with a 4meter long cable. This can be extended up to 10 meters if required. Four fan cables including all connectors 4pole 3.5mm jack, two EC adapter to connect several fan brands like (Can-Fan, Primaklima, Carbon Active) and an industrial terminal-block for hard wiring.

Watch tutorial on YouTube: (English)   (German)   (French)   (Spanish)   (Italian)   (Czech)   (Polish)

-Temperature day
-Temperature hysteresis day
-Humidity day
-Humidity hysteresis day
-Minimum speed day
-Maximum speed day
-Temperature night
-Temperature hysteresis night
-Humidity night
-Humidity hysteresis night
-Minimum speed night
-Maximum speed night
-Negative pressure setting
-Switch sensor level
-Switch over time day/night

Sub-menu features:
-Calibration of the smallest possible speed.
-Back-light settings
-Selectable output signal 0-10V or PWM (pulse width modulation) setting
-Intake fan behavior ON – OFF
-Reset to factory settings

Packing contains:
1x EC-fan controller
1x Humidity, Temperature, Light-sensor 4m
2x 4m Cable Stereo-jack 3.5mm 4pole black 4m
2x 4m Cable Stereo-jack 3.5mm to RJ45 black 4m
2x EC fan adapter Terminal/RJ45/Stereo-jack 3.5mm
1x Velcro white adhesive tape 2side
1x User manual
1x Power supply 12VDC 100mA

Is the power supply required?
If the EC-fan provide 2wire Signal-GND then yes,
Ii the EC-fan provide 3-4wire Signal-GND-VDC >10V/35mA there is no power supply required.

LCD display:
-Graphic and digital display of speed rpm constant
-Temperature display constant
-Humidity display constant
-Set point selectable not constant, over input keys

Settings range:
Temperature: 15C° to 35C°, Hyst 1 to 5C°
Humidity setting: 0-100%, Hyst 1 to 20%
Minimum speed: off, 1% to 100%
Maximum speed: 10% to 100%
Negative pressure: 0% to -50%

Sizes and technical data:
Housing: Height = 61mm, Wide 98mm, height 20mm
Weight: 2.5kg
Voltage: 12VDC
Power: 35mA
Protection class: IP 20

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