Satellite driver 6 steps 1.5A

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This satellite driver six steps (slave-controller) extend your fan installation by 350W power and switches between 6-steps. Connect it to your fan controller (master-controller) with EC output 0-10V or PWM signal. This satellite is based on transformer (Voltage regulator) and makes no hum to the fans. It has two RJ45 connector, one for the signal in and another one signal out that you can connect the next satellite and extend your AC fan installation always controlled from the master device.

With 2 Jumpers inside you can choose:
J1 = To switch between Off or step 1 to keep a minimum speed on the fan, most of cases you use this on the exhaust fan to avoid odors escaping creating a negative pressure in the room.
J2 = You can choose to run 1 step behind to create a negative pressure during the controlling for the intake fan.
(Explanation: If you use Satellite six step transformer you can not connect the Intake satellite directly to the master fan controller, the Intake and exhaust satellite will not switch simultaneously together at the same time. To solve this problem you connect both satellites in series and tell one of them to run 1 step behind the other one.)

Watch tutorial on YouTube: (English)

Sizes and technical data's:
Case: WxHxD = 130x92x105mm
Controller: WxHxD = 160x130x105mm
Designed for: 1.5A / 350W / 6-step transformator
Volts: 230V / 50HZ
Protection class: IP54

Umax 230V/50Hz
Imax 1.5A
VAmax 350W
IPclas IP54
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