Timer Box III 4x600W (Grässlin Timer)

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The Timer Box III is built with high quality components such as "GRÄSSLIN" timer and "ISKRA"contactors Slovenia. A serious housing with cover and seal joint result a high protection class IP54. On 1-3 safety breaker you can switch ON/OFF the power circuits. The Timer Box III is used by several inductive loads such as high-pressure lamps with high switch on and off simultaneously. This turns on contactor/relay 4x600W loads. All model with heating socket is on when lights are off (power management). A thick 2.5mm² power cable keeps low cable temperature over 12-18h run-time.

A chargeable battery in the timer allows to run the timer for 150h without power-grid, we strictly recommend to keep the battery charged min. once a year. The battery have a restricted warranty of 14months from the date of the production from GRÄSSLIN! On all other components 24/36 months after sales. The mechanical timer (Grässlin) has a return rate of 2%, we recommend using the Timer Box IV with a return rate of less than 0.5%.

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Sizes and technical data's:
Size: 500x160x115mm
Voltage: AC 230V/400V 50-60 Hz
Power: 3'600W inductive loads (16A)
Heating: up to 3'600W (resistive loads)
Mechanical timer: 24h timer with 150h power reserve 30min. setting
Relay mechanical endurance: 10000000 cycles
Protection class: IP54

Imax 16.0A
Umax 230V 50Hz
VAmax 3600W
IP class 54
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