Timer Box IV 12socket +heating

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Timer Box 4 (available from January 2022)

The timer box is used to switch several inductive loads such as high-pressure vapor lamps with a high inrush current to switch ON and OFF at the same time. The timer box 4 has a digital display that is based on a 24 hour mechanical timer. With an encoder button left-right and press, It's an easy way setting the clock even faster than a mechanical timer. 48 segments show the current time and the programmed duration at a glance.
The clock has a 12h or 18h cycle preprogrammed, a user-defined time hours/minutes can be set. The clock has a day counter and a temperature probe for an emergency stop in case of overheating. In addition to the on-off function especially for inductive loads, the Timer Box 4 has a 0-10V or PWM output for dimmable e-ballasts or LED lamps. This signal dims the lamps when the temperature rises, or functions such as sunrise/sunset are possible. When the lamps are switched off, a heating socket is switched on. (Power management). IP54 Protection class offers protection against splashing water from all sides.

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- 1 channel 24h timer
- Green dimmable display
- Designed for inductive loads
- 0-10V or PWM output.
- Temperature display
- Emergency stop temperature monitoring
- Dimming
- Sunrise sunset
- Day counter
- Time format 0-24h or 12 AM/PM
- Temperature format ° C or ° F
- Heating release when the light is off

Technical specifications:

Housing: WxHxD = 200x255x95mm
Timer box: WxHxD = 230x300x110mm
3 pole 3x10A 6'900W
3 pole 3x16A 11'000W CEE16A
Volt: 230V / 50Hz
Protection class: IP54

Umax 230V
Pmax 30A
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